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Leadership in Action is the best way to describe the journey of Wendell Haskins. In an ever-changing world where an organization’s ability to understand and anticipate a broad range of trends and attributes is key, Wendell has spent more than twenty years providing corporations and organizations, unparalleled proficiency and proven strategies in diversity, inclusion and marketing which have yielded successful results in the areas of sports, entertainment, corporate social responsibility, culture and philanthropy.

Inspired by a rich legacy of advocacy and activism through his father’s work in civil rights with the National Urban League, Wendell has forged his own path in championing diversity through the challenges of corporate social constructs.

He cultivated and honed his knowledge earning accreditation from two of America’s premier universities, our finest HBCU, Hampton University, and a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from  Cornell University of the Ivy League.  

His experiences manifested into a perspective that values education, data analytics and keen instinct as the building blocks to his development in leadership excellence in marketing and diversity and inclusion.

Creativity is one of the integral components in the development of comprehensive solutions to complex problems like diversity. Wendell systematized several innovative campaigns for diversity, inclusion and equity in areas of entertainment and sports where little existed before.

Working as the former PGA of America’s Director of Sports and Entertainment Relations and Senior Director of Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives, he led advancements in the PGA’s inclusionary programs and initiatives.

His efforts proudly spearheaded the golf industry advocating that Dr. Charles “Charlie” L. Sifford receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2015, promoted Dr. Sifford’s induction into the PGA of America Hall of Fame and was the catalyst for Lee Elder being an honorary starter at the 2021 Masters. Mr. Haskins also initiated the relationships with NBA All Stars, Chris Paul and Stephen Curry and was the catalyst for Steph Curry to be an ambassador for PGA Junior League golf.

Wendell believes in the power of diversity, how the employment of multi-faceted cultural viewpoints is beneficial to an organization and allows them the flexibility to create messages and communication that will resonate with the widest band of demographics.

Wendell is often quoted in various leading media outlets that include The New York Times, The Undefeated, Golf Digest and Golf Channel and is highly regarded as an expert and industry leader in popular culture and diversity and inclusion thought leadership in corporate and non-profit sectors.
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"Leaders have the gift to see things in a way that others don’t and the ability to take people to places they’ve never been."

–Wendell Haskins

Successfully fusing entertainment, politics, business and culture has allowed me to me to be a recognized leader in the areas of diversity, inclusion & equity. I invite you to review the media below that speaks to the integrity of my work.


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